Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Loving Color & Changing Your Mind -No Worries :)

One of my boards on Pinterest focuses on my love of bright and stand out colors. (Some of my favorite pins are shared here in this post.)I learned a great concept back when I first started selling wall murals at www.ArtisticHomeowner.com. It was: 

"Use your color courage."
image source: paintalifestyle.ca

I like that. A lot. After all, it's only wallpaper right? If you do something bold and creative with color and it comes out great, it's like striking gold. Living in a space you absolutely love feels amazing.

 image source: picsdecor.com

And if you change your mind, no worries. You can easily update or change your room's look without too much effort. Especially using our wonderful peel and stick wallpaper- shameless plug here, it's an easy and versatile product for DIY home decorators and interior designers alike. :)

fireworks mural from artistichomeowner.com
 image source: artistichomeowner.com

Have fun with color. Bright colors brighten the mood after all!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Using Pinterest for Inspiration!

I've recently caught the Pinterest bug! What a fun way to gather inspiration for interior design ideas. Here's a "Pin" showing a really awesome living room space:

There are so many fun and easy ideas there for home decor and for decorating with beautiful wall murals and wallpaper too!

Are you on Pinterest yet? If so, I'd love to connect with you there. I invite you to follow me on Pinterest.  I'd love to share ideas and inspiration with you!

Here are my boards: http://www.pinterest.com/ArtHomeowner/boards/

Let's connect! :-)

Friday, August 09, 2013

Wall Mural Sale!

Wall Mural Sale

Save 25% on ANY Wall Mural at: http://www.ArtisticHomeowner.com. You can even create your own from your digital photos. :-) 

Summer Sale goes on until  August 23rd. Hurry!

Take advantage of our fun sale, and use the HAPPY25 coupon code to get your savings!

Now's the time to get that mural you've been dreaming about since forever! Which will you choose? 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Creating Custom Murals Easily and Affordably!

It's never been easier - or more affordable- to create your very own custom wall mural. Using our convenient Upload your Photo page, simply choose your favorite image and we take care of the rest.

custom wall murals

With this handy tool, you get an immediate price quote. You can also choose black and white, or a sepia version of your photo. If necessary you may also flip your image.

Oh and the best part:  We have THE LOWEST PRICES around!

Our commercial grade wallpaper starts at ONLY $4.50 per square foot. Please don't take my word for it, look around, you just won't find better pricing for what we do!

Click here to go to the page and get started today!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Decorating for Healing and Peace

Columns of an ancient healing temple, or Asklepieion. Photo taken in Kos, Greece.

Connect with this holy place of the ancient world and help bring harmony and a peaceful feeling to your favorite room with this gorgeous wall mural.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sometimes something happens and it is just so cool

Sometimes something happens and it is just so cool that you have to share it. I had such a nice experience with a customer and I just have to give her a shout out here on this blog.

The past few weeks have been crazy busy here at www.ArtisticHomeowner.com with some very large and complicated custom printing jobs. In the midst of this, an order was placed through the website by Joanne.

It was for some Mosaic Wallpaper. Beautiful. Easy peasy. We printed and shipped it, and got her order out super quick.

Once Joanne got her wallpaper, she noticed that the scale was wrong. The tile sizes were supposed to be one inch square. Instead they were four inches square.

When it comes to wallaper, four inches is a big deal!

When I got her email, my heart sank. I checked the website against my files, and sure enough, there was the error. The wallpaper was printed correctly, but the website was wrong- the 1 should have been a 4. Therefore Joanne didn't get what she paid for. Her wallpaper was the wrong scale.

I told her we would replace it for her right away. And this was her reply:

"Actually don't worry about it ill try and use as is. If I can't ill let u know :). Thanks Joanne"

Wow, what a sweetheart! I was just so touched.

And when I followed up with an email, she said this:

"Hi Lisa, I've been working away on my project with your wallpaper so I haven't been checking my email as much! Thanks for your thoughtfulness.  I think you are going to LOVE the project with your wallpaper -- when it goes live I'll send you a link. I'd be curious to know if it helps your sales :) Thanks! Joanne"

This woman was so very kind. It's people like her that really make me love what I do.

Working online, you run into all sorts of personalities, as you can imagine. It's the rare person who, when an honest error is made, is cool about it, and even more, lets it go.

Thank you Joanne, you really made my day! :)

By the way, you should know that Joanne is an noted author and contributor on  the DIY Network

Here is her blog: www.salvagesecretsblog.com

This is her acclaimed book:

I am definitely a fan!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Girls Room Wall Murals: Urban

Girls room wall murals can be as creative and cool as your daughter. In this mural, the client wanted to go for an urban, fun theme.

girls room wall mural

She chose this subway train image, which was originally free of graffiti. We then added it in piece by piece. How cool is that?

Looking for girls room wall murals? Look no further than www.ArtisticHomeowner.com. Call or email us today.

1-800-736-8925 toll free
email: info@artistichomeowner.com